Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chapter 1 & 2 Reflections

"Not everything that counts can be counted. Not everything that can be counted counts."
-Albert Einstein

 Mathematics is not just about counting. Mathematics is not just about adding and subtracting. There are more than all these that Mathematics can provide. Children needs to be able to understand mathematics, think and reason mathematically to solve new problems and learn new ideas. Doing mathematics help children to develop problem solving skills. 

Our teachers’ job in a classroom is to provide children with endless opportunities to explore mathematics, making sure children are actively engaged in solving problems, making connections and understanding the mathematics they are exploring.

Some ways in which parents can help children to develop mathematics skills includes, building new knowledge from prior knowledge, providing children with opportunities to talk about mathematics, scaffolding new content and last but not least, treating errors as opportunities for learning.

Mathematics is the Science of Patterning and Ordering. Mathematics is the science of concepts and processes that have a pattern of regularity and logical order. Finding and exploring patterns and orders, understanding them, is what mathematics is all about. Below is a picture that is related to Mathematics in the form of ordering and how children will be able to solve the problem if they are able to understand the concept behind it.


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