Friday, August 16, 2013

Whole Numbers

Many parents and teachers will wonder, what are numbers and what do they mean to us? some wil, ponder about the best ways to teach whole numbers. Today, I'm going to share with you my knowledge on numbers.

Numbers are classified into different types, mainly, 1) Cardinal Numbers, 2) Ordinal Numbers, 3) Norminal Numbers and last but not least, 4) Numbers used in measurement.

 Cardinal Numbers are numbers used in counting. For example, there are 5 cups on the table. The number, 5, is a cardinal number. Whilst Ordinal Number are number to tell the time order. 1st, 2nd, 3rd are examples of ordinal number. Norminal numbers are used as a name for the numbers. Our Identification number is an example of Norminal number as it is used to name and identify us if we were not given names by our parents. Numbers are also used in measurement to tell us the length, breath or even the width of an object. It can also be used to tell us the area or volume of an object.

Now comes the interesting part, what are some of the best way to teach numbers?
One of the best and easy way to teach numbers is to use ten frame. Some of you might wonder, what are ten frames? Below is a picture of how ten frame looks like:
The black dots are the counters which can aid the children in their counting. With frequent use of the ten frame, children will be able to pick up counting of the numbers easily. Not only that, ten frames also teaches number bonds. From the last ten frame in the picture, the children can learn that 3 and 5 make up 8. The children can also learn that 8 is 2 less than 10. Ten frame is really an useful tool when comes to teaching of numbers, counting and even addition and subtraction of numbers! Below is a video whereby you can used ten frame as a flash game for your child to pick up counting! Try playing them!

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